What Is Business Travel Insurance?-rumahbersih

Are you planning to take your business trip soon? Then you need to know What Is Business Travel Insurance?-rumahbersih.

Business travel insurance is a type of insurance that can help you cover unexpected costs and unforeseen risks that could affect your trip.

In this article, we’ll look at the basics of business travel insurance: who needs it and what it covers?

What Is Business Travel Insurance?-rumahbersih

Business travel insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers medical expenses and any form of loss due to unforeseen events on your business trips.

If you often travel for business, then you need business travel insurance to reduce the impact of unplanned disruptions or risks to your journeys.

The level of coverage provided by business travel insurance will depend on the type of plan you choose. Below is the list of the popular program under business travel insurance

  • Accident and illness
  •  Delayed or cancelled flights
  •  Accidental death or dismemberment
  •  Loss of checked luggage
  •  Trip interruption and delay
  •  Emergency evacuation or cancellation
  •  Terrorism
  •  Political evacuation

You could be eligible for financial compensation if your belongings were damaged, lost, or stolen while on the trip.

Why Do Business Travelers Need Insurance?

Business travel insurance gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your trip is protected regardless of uncertainty. 

This type of insurance is specially made to provide comprehensive coverage, including medical expenses, loss of luggage, and any reason for trip cancellations.

You can take advantage of assistance services in case of a lost passport

Business travel insurance covers expensive items like conference materials and presentation equipment that could affect your business trip and preparation.

What Does Business Travel Insurance Cover?

Business travel insurance gives you coverage over the following.

  • Trip cancellation/interruption: if there is an unexpected event that could prevent you from travelling.
  •  Loss of luggage: if you can find your luggage in transit, business travel insurance can compensate you for the total cost of all the essentials you might need on the trip.
  •  Flight accidents: In case of a flight accident that could cause injuries or death, business travel insurance will compensate you or pay for all medical expenses.
  •  Lost documents: If your passport gets lost or stolen, business travel insurance will assist you in getting another one as soon as possible.
  •  Medical emergencies: This insurance policy will settle the bill if urgent medical attention is needed on your trip.

Before you pick the right insurance plan for your travelling needs, look into the details of each policy before making your decision.

How Much Does Business Travel Insurance Cost?

Business travel insurance can be affordable, depending on your coverage scope. 

Business travel insurance typically costs 5-7% of your trip.

Benefits of Business Travel Insurance

These benefits of business travel insurance might convince you to go for it as you plan your next business trip.

Cancellation of pre-booked activities

Business travel insurance covers you for any pre-booked activities you may have had to cancel.

Loss or damage to business equipment

It gives you coverage for lost or stolen expensive items or equipment like laptops, projectors, printers, or smartphones.

Who needs business travel insurance?

Business people on frequent international trips should consider investing in business travel insurance.

Here are a few set of people that needs business travel insurance:

  • Entrepreneurs travel for marketing events, trade shows, product launching, or talk shows.
  •  Business executives attending conferences, training, and workshop abroad
  •  Multi-national companies with regular international business trips
  •  Musicians and record labels that perform at different events across the world


We hope we have been able to answer What Is Business Travel Insurance?-rumahbersih and how to pick a good insurance company that will be able to meet your needs.

Whether you are travelling domestically or internationally, consider getting business travel insurance to ensure you’re covered in an emergency.


What is the purpose of business travel?

It is an avenue to share ideas with other business people in the same industry

What is an example of business travel?

Any form of travel that affects your business, domestic or international.

Is travel insurance worth it for business travel?

Yes, it does; it covers you against any loss or damage to your business properties while in transit 

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