University of chicago scholarships for international students 2023

Are you trying to seek admission into the University of Chicago scholarships for international students 2023

The University of Chicago is a notable educational institution that grants various scholarship programs, especially for international students like you.

These scholarships offer full financial assistance to brilliant students that have come out with flying colours in their different disciplines.

Some students enjoy scholarships because of their leadership qualities or adding value to their communities. Below is the scholarship list available to you as an international student.

International Student Scholarship

One of the most popular scholarships the University of Chicago offers international students is the International Student Scholarship.

This scholarship is strictly for students who have come out with distinctions in various universities in other countries and have issues paying for their financial and educational needs.

The International Student Scholarship covers only the tuition fee and another mandatory fee you are expected to pay as an international student.

You can renew this scholarship with the approval of the school management. After completing your course, you can only stay an extra two years.

Chicago Global Scholar Program

This type of scholarship is open for international students with vital academic records and good conduct in their previous educational institutions.

A solid leadership quality is a criterion for getting this scholarship; you will also enjoy a full-tuition scholarship and a stipend for living expenses.

If you are selected as one of the Chicago Global Scholar Program recipients, you will receive mentorship and opportunities for international travel.

International Science and Technology Scholars Program

This scholarship is created for only international students seeking admission to the science school.

Science students who have done well in their previous science institute can apply for this scholarship designed strictly for the discipline of science and technology.

This scholarship provides a full-tuition stipend for living expenses to students with a solid academic record. It must have a good track record of good use or a strong passion for science and technology.

Apart from securing these scholarships, the University of Chicago is also known for helping international students with grants, loans, and work-study opportunities.

You can apply for need-based aid and merit-based scholarships, which do not benefit USA students.


The University of Chicago scholarships for international students 2023 will help you have a great learning experience as an international student and protect you from discrimination.

Several races and nationals from different countries find their way to the University of Chicago because it is one of the most prestigious educational centres in the world.

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